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Recent Testimonials:
  • Cult following

    "Your garlic has created a cult following amongst my family and friends." A.B.

  • Best luck growing garlic

    "I have the best luck growing garlic I order from y'all and enjoy it immensely." D.O.

  • Best quality and largest size

    "I want to thank you for the fine garlic you selected to fill my order. It was the best quality and largest size of all the 21 varieties I purchased this year." D.G.

  • Real solid stand

    "The garlic bulbs you sent us were huge and we got a real solid stand on all three." C.R.

  • Gorgeous bulbs!

    "Thank you - it arrived today! Gorgeous bulbs! " C.H.

  • Keep up the good work

    "Keep up the good work. Many people appreciate the work and products that you offer." A.B.

  • Very Happy With Everything

    "I've been very happy with everything I've ordered from you over the past few years, it has always been great looking and growing garlic." - D.W.

  • Had Great Success

    "Thanks John, the garlic arrived yesterday, looks beautiful! Had great success with my harvest this year."

  • "Shipping was fast! Packaging was awesome. The price was right. They even added a hand written note on my invoice on caring for my garlic bulbs until planting. They care about the customer's experience." - D.Y.

  • Big and Tasty

    "This my second year growing the garlic. We're in southern Arizona and it thrives here. These garlic are big, tasty, easy to peel and last. This is all we grow." - B.E.

  • It Was All Incredible

    "I have been meaning to contact you about the garlic you sent me. It was all incredible, the best quality I have seen and I have bought thousands of lb's of seed stock over the years. All the bulbs were the correct size, well cured. It is obvious that you take pride in your work and I wanted to thank you for that." - M.C.

  • Shilla is My Favorite Of All

    "Shilla is my favorite of all of the many garlic varieties I've tasted. It's a pure garlic flavor and is not overly sweet when roasted. I've ordered 3 times from Forever Yong and have always received beautiful, large bulbs of garlic that have blown away any I've ordered from the big name catalogs." - A.K.

  • Bulbs Look Great!

    "I received the shipment today. Thank you very much for the emails and prompt delivery. The bulbs look great! I look forward to doing business with you in the future." - K.A.

  • Last Order Was Great

    "Do you have any Creole garlic available? The last order was great." - S.T.

  • We love your garlic

    "Let me say we love your garlic. Just pulled some from last years planting (Ajo Rojo) and it’s amazing" - B. - Tallahassee.

  • You far exceeded expectations

    "Got my garlic shipment today. I am delighted; it felt like Christmas! You far exceeded expectations." - J.S.

Creoles - Rare, rich tasting garlics

Ajo Rojo Garlic

Ajo Rojo - True gourmet quality Creole hardneck garlic for mild winter areas. Does great zone 7 and warmer. Hot, sweet and flavorful.

Approximately 70 cloves per pound.



Burgundy - A Creole Hardneck garlic with a well deserved reputation for its combination of rich taste and striking beauty. As the name implies, it has deeply colored internal clove wrappers. Like most Creoles, it sizes up very nicely in warmer climates.

Approximately 70 cloves per pound.


Spanish Benitee

Spanish Benitee - Creole originating from Andalusia, Spain. Consistently nice large solid bulbs of flavorful, spicy, and colorful high quality garlic here at Forever Yong Farm. Highly recommended for throughout the south.

Approximately 80 cloves per pound.


Turbans - Consistent, great performing, early, easy to grow hardnecks.

Thai Fire Garlic

Thai Fire - Thai Fire- Deservedly popular Turban from Bangkok, Thailand. Large, hot, and early harvesting. Nice purple striped wrappers and tender scapes.

Approximately 70 cloves per pound.


Maiskij Garlic

Maiskij - Beautiful, large, purple striped Turban hardneck variety from Turkmenistan. Early, widely adapted, and easy to grow. Stores well. One of our favorites. Name refers to May, the month it is harvested.

Approximately 80 cloves per pound.


Shilla Garlic

Shilla - Turban hardneck garlic of Korean origin. Very large, vigorous, and early. Light purple striping. Nice scapes. Widely adapted and easy to grow.

Approximately 80 cloves per pound.


Sonoran Garlic

Sonoran - A nicely striped, pretty, early, warm weather adapted Turban hardneck that sizes up well all across the south from Jacksonville to San Diego. Named for the Sonoran desert of Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. Medium heat and great garlicky flavor.

Approximately 70 cloves per pound.



Ail St. Denis (pronounced "eye") - Unique white Turban Garlic from a Parisian market. We have never seen it in the U.S. Nice, tight,solid, and heavy bulbs with medium heat.

Approximately 70 cloves per pound.


Artichokes- Easy to grow, large softnecks with good storage.

Viola Francese

Viola Francese - Beautiful artichoke from Provence. The whole plant takes on the violet hue. Very nice balanced flavor with a midseason harvest.

Approximately 70 cloves per pound.


Red Toch

Red Toch - Beautiful, large artichoke garlic originally from the Republic of Georgia. This popular garlic has gained a great reputation after being popularized in Chester Arthur's book, "Garlic is Life". Its taste has been described as "the perfect garlic taste" without being really hot. Although not red, it has a little rosy hue.

Approximately 70 cloves per pound.


Blanco Piacenza

Bianca Spagnolo - Very large, white Artichoke offering from Spain. We love growing this one. Good yields. Braidable and good storage.

Approximately 70 cloves per pound.



Lorz Italian - Large, flavorful, and hotter softneck heirloom brought by Italian immigrants to the Pacific Northwest long ago. Tolerates hot growing conditions. Vigorous plant.

Approximately 70 cloves per pound.


Samplers - Usually 4 separate, labeled varieties

Warm Weather Sampler

Warm Weather Sampler - One or more bulbs each of varieties such as Red Toch, Thai Fire, Maiskij, Sonoran, Shilla, Viola Francese, Ajo Rojo, Rose du Lautrec, or others of our choice. This assortment is for the true garlic lover who loves the full range of taste and flavor that comes with garlic but who lives in a warmer winter area where only certain varieties thrive. These garlics do well in zone 6 or higher.


All Creoles Sampler

All Creoles Sampler - One or more bulbs each of some rich Creole garlics such as: Ajo Rojo, Burgundy, Creole Red, Cuban Purple, Labera Purple, Pescadero Red, Spanish Benitee, Native Creole, Rose Du Lautrec, or others of our choice. This assortment is for the true warm winter garlic lover who loves the full rich taste and flavor that comes with Creole garlic and who lives in a warm winter area where Creoles thrive.


International Softneck Assortment

International Softneck Assortment - We have collected interesting, easy to grow, flavorful, and long storing artichoke varieties from around the globe. This sampler includes one or more beautiful heads each of varieties such as Viola Francese from the south of France, Bianca Spagnolo from Spain, Red Toch from the Republic of Georgia, and Blanco Piacenza from northern Italy.


Gardener's Delight Sampler

Gardener's Delight Sampler - This assortment is for the true garlic lover who likes a little of everything from mellow to rich and hot. One or more bulbs each of a range of tastes and flavors such as Red Toch, Maiskij, Shilla, Ajo Rojo, Burgundy, Creole Red, Lorz Italian, or others of our choice.